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Weekly Review Round-Up - Antec DF700 FLUX Gaming Case Edition September 16, 2021

In case you don't know, our latest gaming PC case, the Antec DF700 FLUX has won many recommendations from several professional PC media. Let's see what they think about Antec DF700 FLUX gaming case.


"Antec offers a chassis that has proven itself to deal with whatever sort of heat you can produce." -TweakTown


“All these improvements and design choices make the Antec DF700 Flux a nice, affordable, and functional case, and you will be hard pressed to find this out-of-the-box setup with many other cases in this price segment.”- TechPowerUp


"I really like the Antec DF700 FLUX, and while I must admit, it’s pretty much like every other case that hits the market these days, it’s the little details that manage to set it apart." -Eteknix


"A case that uses a chassis that we know and that does the job very well. This version has a full mesh front face which allows a large airflow and this can be seen in the performance offered by the case." - Cowcotland


"Its design will not leave you indifferent, it is very elegant and at the same time attractive, especially in the Mesh front with some undulations on its front that make it totally different." - Razorman

Learn More About The DF700 FLUX Gaming Case

Want to learn more about our cool DF700 FLUX? Please visit: https://www.antec.com/product/case/df700-flux