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The Introduction of PWM - Antec April 15, 2022


PWM is the acronym for Pulse Width Modulation. It is a way to control analog devices with a digital output. Another way to put it is that you can output a modulating signal from a digital device such as an MCU to drive an analog device. It’s one of the primary means by which MCUs drive analog devices like variable-speed motors, dimmable lights, actuators, and speakers. PWM is not true analog output, however. PWM “fakes” an analog-like result by applying power in pulses, or short bursts of regulated voltage.


Many of our PC cases, including the latest FLUX Series PC cases, have a pre-installed ARGB & PWM controller. If you don't know how the PWM works, we are happy to walk you through it.

Prizm X 120 ARGB


Motherboard Fan Bedplate

Motherboard Fan BedplateMotherboard Fan BedplateFan Connectors

Fan Connectors


Functions of the Pins

Functions of the Pins



Closing Thought

Now I believe you know how PWM works now. If you are interested in the fan with the PWM function, you can check our latest case fan, the Prizm X 120 ARGB.

Prizm X 120 ARGB 3+C

  • Dual-Ring Design
  • 24 Independent RGB LED Beads
  • Motherboard Addressable RGB LED Lighting
  • Fan controller (included)
  • PWM Intelligent Case Fan
  • Hydraulic Bearing

The Prizm X 120 ARGB case fan features a dual-ring aperture design, which allows you to display ARGB effects on both sides of the assembly.

PWM Prizm 120 ARGB