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Intel LGA 1700 Mounting Compatibility - Antec May 31, 2022

Intel LGA 1700 Mounting Compatibility - Antec

Intel’s new 12th generation Core processors are based on the brand-new LGA1700 socket. Because of its different mounting pattern, the LGA1700 socket requires a new mounting mechanism for CPU coolers. Here we list our air coolers and liquid coolers supporting the LGA1700 socket.

Mounting support

If you are not sure which Antec coolers support the LGA 1700, don't worry, we have made a list.

Air Cooler Compatibility Lists

Air Cooler Compatibility ListsAir Cooler Compatibility Lists

1. A30

2. A40 Pro

3. A400 RGB

4. C40

5. C400

6. C400 Glacial

7. A400i

8. Frigus Air 400 ARGB

Liquid Cooler Compatibility Lists

Liquid Cooler Compatibility Lists

1. Symphony 240

2. Symphony 360