Seamless Mobility: Empowering Your Mobile Lifestyle
The Antec Core HS with 7840U Processor
At Antec, we believe that technology should enhance your life, not complicate it.
The Antec CORE HS is designed to seamlessly integrate into your mobile lifestyle,
offering the perfect balance of performance and convenience.
Here’s why the Antec CORE HS is your essential companion for a life on the move:
Multi-angle Free-floating Screen
We believe in giving you the freedom to see things from different perspectives.
Our screen adapts to your needs, allowing you to play comfortably in any setting.
One-push Automatic Spring Mechanism
Innovation should make life easier. With a simple push, the screen glides open,
reflecting our commitment to seamless user experience.
High-Quality Display
We understand that visuals are crucial. Our top-tier display
ensures every detail is vivid, bringing your games to life.
Innovative Body Structure
Design isn’t just about looks; it’s about enhancing your experience.
The Antec Core HS structure provides both durability and elegance.
Ergonomic Design
Comfort leads to better performance. Our device is crafted to fit
naturally in your hands, reducing fatigue and enhancing your control.
Sleek Appearance
We believe that technology should be beautiful.
The CORE HS isn’t just powerful; it’s a statement piece.
Full-featured RGB Keyboard with Customizable Lighting
Your device should reflect your personality.
Customize your keyboard to match your style and mood.
Responsive Buttons
Every action matters. Our buttons are designed for
quick and accurate responses, keeping you ahead in the game.
Premium Hall Sensing Joysticks & RGB Joystick Lighting
Precision is key. Our joysticks offer superior control,
enhanced by immersive lighting.
Efficient Cooling System
Performance shouldn’t come at the cost of comfort. Our cooling system
ensures your device runs smoothly, even during intense gaming sessions.
Experience the Difference with Antec
Embrace the convenience of having a tactile keyboard whenever you need it. A gentle push extends the screen, ensuring a smooth and responsive experience every time.
Explore a New Perspective with Ease
Our adjustable-angle screen allows you to play comfortably
without adjusting your posture, enhancing your experience in every scenario.
Attention to Detail, Ergonomic Design Everywhere
Our ergonomic design ensures that you can game for hours without discomfort.
The full keyboard offers a familiar typing feel with longer key travel for crisp feedback.

Seamless transitions between the keyboard area, screen module,
and controller buttons ensure unobstructed usage.

Customized ergonomic grips fit naturally in your palm,
minimizing finger movement and reducing fatigue.

Premium Quality and Durability
We hold ourselves to high standards. The 6-inch 1080P IPS high-brightness original color screen
sets a new benchmark for slide handheld devices, delivering an unparalleled visual experience.
Choose between the fresh and vibrant "White" or the deep
and elegant "Black," both reflecting our sophisticated color
The innovative "sandwich" body structure ensures durability,
complemented by a 360° concealed screw design for
a minimalist look.
Elegant body lines, combined with advanced UV coating
craftsmanship, deliver a refined and tactile experience.
Crafted from PC + glass fiber materials,
the device’s strength is elevated to new heights.
Professional-Grade Controls for Superior Gaming Experience
Our Hall Sensing Joysticks and Hall Effect Triggers provide zero drift and dead zones for precise control, enhanced by RGB lighting.
Fully conductive gel buttons offer a superior control experience, and X-axis linear motors deliver lifelike vibrations for immersive gameplay.
Powerful Performance and Capabilities
Note: Memory frequency is factory-set at 6400MHz for stability.
A firmware update to unlock 7500MHz memory speed will be available on our official website.
Innovative "3+2" Triple Copper Tube Cooling System
Our advanced "3+2" triple copper tube cooling system
ensures high performance with stable gaming and high frame rates.

Three copper tube modules and two thermal copper sheets,
along with 20304mm² of cooling fins, effortlessly manage
28W of sustained performance without throttling.

Featuring a high-pressure turbine fan and expanded intake
and exhaust areas, marking a leap in thermal efficiency.

The "heat hotspot" is isolated from the handheld area, with a
metal plate aiding heat dissipation on the back of the screen
module, effectively reducing heat sensation.

With AYASpace 2, flexible fan control strategies are
at your fingertips, allowing you to choose between
maximum performance or quiet operation.

Enhanced Performance, Extended Battery Life
A high-capacity 46.2Wh battery provides extended usage, keeping you in the game longer.
Immersive Audio with HyperSound

Dual-channel speakers with built in intelligent
amplifier algorithms deliver powerful,
immersive audio for intense gaming sessions.

Enjoy an enveloping, immersive surround sound that
enhances your audio and video experience.

Comprehensive Connectivity and Features
Note: Actual read speed depends on the TF card's maximum supported speed.
AYASpace 2 - Tailored for Gamers
AYASpace 2 offers a wealth of features and seamless interactions,
elevating the Windows handheld gaming experience. As Antec's proprietary software,
AYASpace is key to multi-terminal and multi-platform integration
Performance Scenario Mode: Adapt performance with a single click.
Quick Tool Access: Instant access to essential tools.
FPS Game Overlay: Real-time performance monitoring.
Comprehensive Handheld and Performance Settings:
All-in-one service for gamers
At Antec, we start with why: to inspire and enhance your gaming journey.
The CORE HS is our commitment to bringing you the best in technology and design,
crafted to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Screen Size 6" 1080P High Brightness Wide Color Gamut IPS Floating Screen
Screen Specifications
Adjustable screen angle丨368 PPI丨400nits丨120% sRGB color gamut volume
100% sRGB color gamut coverage丨85% DCI-P3
CPU AMD Ryzen™ 7 7840U
16GB + 512GB
32GB + 2TB
Memory LPDDR5X
M.2 2280 PCIe 4.0 SSD
Supports up to single-sided 4TB
Cooling New "3+2" Triple Copper Tube Cooling System
Maximum thP 28W
Color White / Black
Keyboard QWERTY full keyboard 丨Fn function keys丨Support RGB lighting effects
Controller Master controller
Joystick Hall sensing joystick
Trigger Linear Hall Trigger
Vibration Motor X-axis Linear Motor
Gyroscope Six-axis gyroscope
2*Full Function USB4 Type-C
1*SD 7.0 TF card slot丨Read speed up to 700MB/s
*The actual reading speed depends on the TF card used
Biometric function Power button integrated fingerprint recognition
Battery Capacity 46.2Wh(12000mAh)
Size 226*90*28.5mm (37.37mm at controller)
Weight About 650g
Connectivity WiFi 6E / BT 5.2
Software Management AYASpace 2
OS. Windows 11 64-bit Home Edition
UPC# 0-761345-80044-0 CORE HS A7840U 16G+512G BK/TB
0-761345-80047-1 CORE HS A7840U 16G+512G WH/TB
0-761345-80056-3 CORE HS A7840U 32G+2T BK/TB
0-761345-80057-0 CORE HS A7840U 32G+2T WH/TB